OWL BAG, 2016.
Type : Industrial Design

Partnership : Studio Banana, Madrid.
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I have worked during six month at Studio Banana, a multidisciplinary studio based in Madrid. I was working with the product manager on some product and packaging developments.

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OWL BAG is a an adjustable backpack. The most important part of the concept was established and the prototype was already designed so I was mostly  in charge of the communication to prepare the promotion video for Kickstarter.

I worked on some improvements for the next prototypes by asking how can I improve the user-experience and by testing the backpack on some people. I also created a survey to understand the user’s needs. That work helped me to see the strength and the weakness of the product. 

owlbag owlbag

First, I collected and analysed the new trends in the fashion field to understand the user’s needs. Then, I created some mood boards to faithfully adapt an atmosphere in line with the product’s universe. My role was to determine with precision the OWLBAG’s target. What kind of people is going to buy the bag? How and why are they going to use it?
The mood boards I have created included lookbooks, personas, backpack’s trends pictures, interested place for the shooting, fabrics and colours, etc. Those researches helped the art director to choose the actors, the filming spot and the right camera angle for the shooting.
I had the opportunity to participate as a walk-on role in the video. My role was to enhancing the product and show the different options and uses. That was a great exercise to check and improve the ergonomics of the product.
owlbagowlbag owlbag
I also worked on the technical documents to send to the factories for the next prototypes. I have made some technical plans and nomenclatures.
Credit photo: Studio Banana ©
© 2016 Julie Charrier