COLORS, 2013.
Type : Innovative Design
Partnership : Lunetiers du Jura
Team : Gabriella Fedrigo, Floriane Aubrit and me
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COLORS is a new concept for children’s glasses that was selected at the Lunetiers du Jura’s international eyewear design competition 2013, with Mathieu Lehanneur as chairman.

The theme
1 – 100 years old. We’re not all born with glasses in front of our eyes but with age we might all end up with a pair on our nose. The function is the same, but the context, the behaviour and the habit are different in every way. Choose the end of life you prefer and we offer the very finest eyewear.

The concept
“Color is stronger than language”, quoted from Louise Bourgeois, Marie-Laure Bernadac.
The baby’s temperature is a precious indicator of its health. At an age, when children are unable to form their words, COLORS reflects the nuances of their moods. When our eyeglasses concept comes into contact with the baby’s skin, the frame changes color depending on his temperature.

The 3D modelling

Rendu lunettes.72

Rendu lunettes


The prototype

COLORS was made by Logo in white acetate and thermal varnish. Its sweet and flexible shape is perfectly adapted to the baby’s head shape. The hypoallergenic varnish and the soft touch, particularly of the acetate frame, are used to respect and protect the baby’s skin.




Presentation at the contest (Paris)

Photo 01
Photo 02
Photo 03

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