ECLIPSE, 2012.
Type : Innovative Product
Partnership : L’École de Design Nantes Atlantique
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The brief
The objective was to design a “vest-pocket” camera including a centred reflection on user-ergonomics such as being hand-held, the viewfinder or the storage. I had to take into account the identity, use and technical constraints.

The product
I decided to create an ambidextrous and easy-to-use camera for two reasons. The first one is because, as a left-handed person, I have noticed that settings are systematically situated on the right side of the camera. Although I had to get used to it, it shouldn’t be the case. It should be the opposite : the camera has to be compatible with every kind of user. The second one is that, most of the time, there are too many settings which are not easy to understand for the user. That’s why the camera has to be simplified as much as possible.

The circular shape allows the left-handed and right-handed user to have access to all settings with ease, especially for the shutter release that is placed in the middle of the product.

ECLIPSE works on a rotational movement with a fixed and a movable part. To activate the camera, you just have to turn the spanner adjuster on the camera icon to reveal the lens.

The mock-up

The 3D modelling
Appareil photo blanc.883

Appareil photo blanc.884

Appareil photo blanc.885

Appareils.8603D modelling made with Solidworks and Keyshot.
Situation 01b Situation 06

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