AUTUMN, 2013.
Type : Textile Design
Partnership : Decathlon, Oxylan Group
Team : Etienne Coutable, Renaud Dardaine, Erwan Chansou, Gauthier Saillard, Maxime Le Ruyet and me

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The context

This project was created during a one-week workshop in partnership with the Decathlon brand Newfeel. Thanks to Guillaume Salmon, Alexandre Guillon and Julie Pfligersdorffer designers, we had the opportunity to design two innovative products.

The brief
Our goal was to create a pair of shoes and a bag for a collection. Both products needed to be quickly transformable in case of a change in climate. This is why the shoes and the bag have the ability to handle sunny as well as rainy weather.

The product
The bag includes a roll top and a second skin which is very flexible and waterproof. It also uses a rubber sole for the bottom of the bag that allows the bag to be placed on a wet surface.



sdfbvExplanation of the concept with sketch.

autumn-process2_Fotor-960x960Work in progress.


shoes-street_Fotor-960x960The prototype.

presentation decathlonPresentation of the products.


Autumn1Illustrations made on Photoshop.

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