My education

My Bachelor in Industrial Design allowed me to acquire some basic skills in products design whilst my Master’s degree was more focused on innovation and management design.
Since 2011, I had the chance to work with clients and brands across different disciplines such as: Arduino, Braun, Decathlon, Meccano, Oxylane, Rad Product, Studio Banana, S2IM, Sylvain Joly Design…

My five-year of education and my work experience in design made me an empathic human-centred designer.

More personally

My passion for sport, particularly for running and fitness, makes me a persevering and confident person.
Cooking is also one of my hobbies. I love to create and experiment through vegetal food. In my opinion, cooking is a great way to play with our five senses and create a whole experience of pleasure.
These two passions gave me the desire to work in those fields.

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