edna julie
My education

My Bachelor in Industrial Design allowed me to acquire some basic skills in products design whilst my Master’s degree was more focused on innovation and management design.

Since 2011, I had the chance to work with clients and brands across different disciplines such as: Arduino, Braun, Decathlon, Meccano, Oxylane, Rad Product, Studio Banana, S2IM, Sylvain Joly Design…

My five-year of education and my work experience in design made me an empathic human-centred designer.

My vision of design

I studied design because I want to solve problems in creating products that improved people’s lives. According to me, working on meaningful projects based on a human-centred approach is essential.

Every time I work on a new project, I ask to myself “What effect will this product have? How is he going to impact on someone’s life?” To answer these questions, it is important to understand why people do the things they do and how do they feel after interacting with it. 
It’s not just creating functional and beautiful products. It’s creating things that help the user in his experiences and behaviours. They should be easy-to-use, ergonomics and improve users lives in some way.

Designing with empathy, creating with sensitivity, making things in an intuitive way are some of my strengths.

I consider myself as an ethical designer because I need to do work I believe in and my values need to match the ones of the project.

More personally

My passion for sport, particularly for running and fitness, makes me a persevering and confident personCooking is also one of my hobbies. I love to create and experiment through vegetal food. In my opinion, cooking is a great way to play with our five senses and create a whole experience of pleasure.

These two passions gave me the desire to work in those fields.

_ _ _

I’m looking for an industrial design position in the field of innovative design. Well-being field such as sport, health and healthy food would be a plus.

I really want to join a passionate team with whom I could express myself completely. I feel I need to work on projects I believe in and my values need to match the ones of the project.

So if you are interested on my profile, feel free to contact me.