Glitters design


I'm Julie.

A French freelance designer who design stuff, obviously.

As far as I remember, I’ve always been passionate by creation. For me, designing was the greatest way to mix work with passion. Later, I decided to follow my instinct and jump into the freelance adventure, with delight!

What I do

I enjoy putting my skills at the service of people to help them achieve their goals. I bring honest, meaningful & user-centered projects to life by giving form to your idea.

Product packaging design


I create desirable concepts from
sketches to 3D modelling
(Solidworks, Keyshot) that
meet the user needs.

Branding logo design


I develop visual identities to
help you cultivate a strong
and unique visual presence.

Illustration icon design


I design creative content to
your communication: flat
and isometric design, icons,
business cards, etc.

Website ui webdesign


I help you to gain visibility and
credibility through a range of
web design solutions like
front-end development and
UI design (HTML/CSS, Sketch).

What I like

When I'm not designing stuff, you can find me...

Vegan icon design

Cooking a delicious
plant-based meal

Sport icon design

Going for a run in
the nature

Food icon design

Enjoying a good
cup of chaï latte

Music icon design

Listening to Bon Iver
(best artist ever)


Here are some design projects that I have been involved with.
My work includes products, branding, logos, interfaces, and more.

See more?

Check out my Behance and Dribble to see more projects.


I am available for freelance so if you want to collaborate on beautiful projects, you are very welcome to contact me. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.